My 'Why' In Real Estate

People always wonder and ask, "what made you go in to real estate"?

martinez family.jpg

The Martinez family and their story, embody why I am a REALTOR®.

Mr. Martinez is a hard working, young man, in his late 20's, and married. They have two kids and a baby on the way, actually due any minute. Mr. Martinez recently became a citizen of the United States of America and wanted to live the American Dream to it's fullest. His rent was increasing, so he went in and got preapproved to buy a home. That's when he called the number on one of Team Clayton's For Sale signs. We we're so happy to hear from him. 

When I met Mr. Martinez for the first time, I could tell right away that he was an honest, hardworking man. I was excited and immediately invested in finding them a home. I wanted to help them reach their goal of homeownership. The house they really wanted, the one that had our sign out front, was under contract and not available. So we kept looking. 

He was getting frustrated, prices we're rising, and there wasn't much out there. They had fallen in love with the first house they saw, it was close to both their families and a location he grew up in. However, there was nothing I could do about it, someone else was buying that house. Mr. Martinez was about to give up his home search. 

That's when I got some good news?! The house they loved fell out of contract, it was for sale again! I called him as fast as I could to tell him the news. We wrote a contract that day and the next day, his offer was accepted. He bought the house of his dreams (for now)!

Fast forward through closing, it was time to give Mr. Martinez and his family their new keys. This time, he had a newborn with him, ready to start her new life, in a home they own. Mr. Martinez's eyes were full of emotion, pride, because he worked hard for this. He deserved it. He made it happen. I am so proud of this family and so happy to call them my fellow Americans. 

My eyes well up with emotion, even writing this blog. This story is the reason I am in real estate. To help people achieve some of their biggest goals in life. I am with them at one of the happiest moments they have as people, or as a family. This is my why. Why I am a REALTOR®.